Our Wines

Tres Amores
A Tale of Three Loves; 70% Pinot Gris, 15% Sauvignon Blanc, 15% Semillon.  This Romantic Blend has soft- round vanilla and & mineral notes along with clean creamy undertones. A Tribute to Our Three Children! 


Our unique, Elegant Stainless Steel Chardonnay begins with beautiful soft pear flavors in front, a citrus middle and finishes with a touch of vanilla & cream.  Smooth & Clean.  Pairs well with Green Chile Dishes, especially a Green Chile Cheese Fondue! 

Beso Blush

Beso,  A Sweet Tender Kiss; 60% Riesling & 40% White Zinfandel. Blending  these two grapes create intertwining flavors of watermelon, soft raspberry  & strawberry notes. A Perfect  Summer Wine!
Beso Blush

Beso,  2010 - Aromas of Violet & Black Cherry, with Flavors of Dark Plum and Spice, American Oaked.

Our 2010 Shiraz is Jammy & Juicy in Front with Soft – Smoky Undertones, finishing with American Oak and Hints of Spice. Great with Grilled Meats!

Heart & Sol  - Red Chili Cabernet Sauvignon
Wine and chili are united here in one bottle. grown under the hot desert sun, both chili and grapes develop robust satisfying flavors, this wine captures them all!

Santa Fe Siesta Red
A Tribute to My Mama – Our version of a Santa Fe Sangria, an instant paradox of fruit and spice. Plush flavors of fruit in front leading into a hint of cherry cinnamon undertones on the finish. Serve Very  Chilled!

We feature additional New Mexico wines in our Tasting Room
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